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Do you like being part of a community that celebrates our world’s wonderful rich diversity?

We Want Music Without Borders started as a Facebook group to advocate the return of Music Without Borders concerts in 2012. Gradually it transformed into a portal for the world’s diverse music and people with a focus on live performances. Fueled by Gail Dee’s passion it’s been a labor of love for the past five years. Unfortunately she can not continue to live on solely on her love for music; people and making connections. Now for the first time in five years, in order to continue to bring our community together – she needs to ask you to make a different kind of connection – a financial contribution.

If you appreciate what you see on We Want Music Without Borders Facebook group or page or this website please click on the button and direct your contribution today. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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THANK YOU for all you do to help this community continue!