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“Music speaks to our souls and moves us to the joyful discovery that we are all equal in our differences–no matter what the rhythm–our hearts beat in unison.” Gail Dee

We Want Music Without Borders brings community together thru music.  The welcoming online platform publicizes live events in Chicago and elsewhere, championing diverse music from around the world.   In 2012, as a passionate fan, Gail Dee created the Facebook group We Want Music Without Borders to advocate for the return of Music Without Borders, the Chicago free public outdoor concert series which presented non commercial and traditional music from around the world. Over five years, she nurtured that seed as a labor of love; gradually transforming it into an entertainment portal with a FB page, website, youtube and thinglink channel.

Now for the first time she is asking for financial support. Your kindness and generosity will literally help her get back walking on her own two feet.

Gail in 2012 (bright pink) & two WWMWB members getting signatures asking to bring back Music Without Borders. To our joy, the programming eventually returned under a different concert series due to the efforts of music lovers.

For ten years she has used a crutch to walk. Immediately following treatment for  aggressive advanced breast cancer Gail needed a new right hip. Unfortunately complications make her a poor candidate for a hip replacement.

It’s crucial  to try less invasive experimental procedures in order to help her walk & they are not paid by health insurance.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed shows she has recommended and/or taken advantage of opportunities for discounted or free ticket offers and other promotions she created for WWMWB members like the one for Dakha Brakha below.  Maybe you are one of the hundreds of musicians; or one of the dozens of venue and organizations whose livelihood and “bottomline” has benefited thru free publicity on We Want Music Without Borders.

Some of the challenges she’s already faced continue to  affect her life now.  Tragically, when she was 15 years old she and her identical twin sister were in a hit and run.  They were struck by a speeding car driven by a drunk driver as they stepped off a median strip crossing a street. Her twin sister was killed and Gail’s right femur, the thigh bone, was smashed.  Her mended hipbone just doesn’t meet where it should. She also has other medical “issues” like chemical & metal  sensitivity as well as side effects from her breast cancer treatment which make the experimental procedures a worthwhile choice.

Fortunately making a donation is a win win for everyone. Your generosity  will sponsor this niche platform which gives you the opportunity to discover different sounds from around the globe usually overlooked by most media which supports musicians’ livelihood  and encourages venues to present the music We Want Music Without Borders members love as you also help Gail.

More than ever before it’s vital to foster understanding between people.

**f you read more below you’ll learn how Gail is actively working thru WWWMB to help make that happen.***

New projects  beckon for our community of music lovers. Such as being more active in calling for improvements to the  visa requirements  to make it easier for foreign artists to tour in the US;  presenting artists;  developing a new fun interactive website  that would also allow artists to help reach their audiences with recordings.

Some other specific uses for your donation? While helping her walk again  –contributions will purchase a new or used desktop/laptop computer to replace  a broken one; money to hire a web designer.

If you are in a position to help Gail and We Want Music Without Borders (Gail is We Want Music Without Borders)–any amount will be greatly appreciated! 

THANK YOU for your donation today.

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Want to learn more about We Want Music Without Borders?

It was the middle of the night on March 30, 2012. News of the cancellation of the free outdoor summer popular “Music Without Borders”concert series had music lovers angry and upset.   MWB was a magnet for the diverse people of Chicago to meet as well as  presenting cultural entertainment from around the world not accessible to many Chicagoans. At 3 am Gail Dee, being a passionate fan, took action to bring the community together. She pressed ENTER and the FB group We Want Music Without Borders  was born advocating the return of non-commercial & traditional music concerts from around the world to the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago’s glittering public venue. She also created  a FB page, website, youtube channel and thinglink channel.  Happily,  this type of music programming returned to Millennium Park –albeit under a different name.  Today  We Want Music Without Borders has grown into a warm entertainment portal and platform.

From the beginning We Want Music Without Borders has been a conduit to bring people together. This did not happen by chance but by intention. Behind the scenes she is continually reaching out to disparate elements of the community encouraging them to participate. The best feature of the FB group is that everyone can share events and information although Gail provides the focus and much of the content. In Chicago it’s particularly important because racial bias has resulted in geographical segregation. Many people from one side of the city literally do not know about the cultural richness happening in another area.

Building bridges between people of different race, ethnicity, religion and culture nationally and internationally through music is, of course, inherent in the name “We Want Music Without Borders”. The platform gives music lovers  the opportunity to discover different sounds from around the globe usually overlooked by most media.  The group members include many “world music” industry professionals such as music curators; journalists; festival programmers; agents from across the US as well as fans and musicians.

For five years, We Want Music Without Borders members have enjoyed shows she has recommended;  discounted ticket offers; ticket raffles and other promotions created for the group as a labor of love.  Stories filled with videos to explore new music. 

In 2015 she  also wrote “Global Sounds” column for Newcity -a Chicago free cultural magazine found on newsstands and online.


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